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Thomas Photography

An eye and a lens on nature!

Greeting Cards
and frameable photo art
Nature Photography

I am an amateur photograher that is just getting started in marketing my photography. I never thought I'd sell my work until many friends started asking me for it.

My web site here is in it's infancy. My intent is to market my photography here. Primarily greeting cards but also enlargements upon request. The greeting cards are 4x6 glossy (real) photos mounted on 10x7 (folded to 5x7) card stock. Not laser printed or copied, real photos. The photos can be taken off of the card stock and framed. There is no text in the card so you can be as creative with the message as you wish. The card is accompanied by a colorful envelope.

The Berries photo to the right is one of my most popular photos. My love is nature and color. So logically, most of my photos are of wild and domestic flowers.

I also have some landscapes, barns and horses.

Let me know what you think. I'd love your input.

Berries; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Wild berries in West Michigan

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